Eric Sims’ keynote and public speaking expertise contains the perfect blend of authentic communication, humor, real life experience and time tested solutions to captivate your audience delivering a maximum potential event.

Types of speeches include:


Motivational speaking is the cultural lubricant that helps accelerate the performance engine of a company. Research shows that with a boost in employee engagement and morale, company profits follow. Motivation comes in many forms and goes by many names – a motivational speaker, such as Eric Sims,  has overcome adversity, beat the odds, and invested insurmountable amounts of time and effort to reach his dreams and achieve success – and Eric can inspire your team to reach new heights. Want to fire up your team? You Inc. Motivational Speaker Eric Sims is your resource who can engage, empower, inspire and motivate your people.


Emotional Intelligence (EI) is how we integrate our feelings and our thoughts to manage ourselves, our behavior and our relationships. In business, successful leaders recognize that to be effective, employees, team leaders and managers need to engage not only their heads, but their hearts, emotions and reason to build emotional intelligence throughout the organization by training and example. Eric Sims’ expert emotional intelligence talks reveal and facilitate these traits, to show you how the ‘micro decisions of leadership’ silently sabotage or enable leaders, and provide new ways of thinking that will enhance your learning capacity, leading your organization to sustained performance and wellbeing.


Eric Sims is highly skilled at recognizing and remedying dysfunction within a team, but also developing its cache of leadership candidates. Eric addresses topics like teambuilding, motivation, innovation and peak performance, from entry level to C-level, he  will help you cultivate the leaders within your organization, and in turn, create a culture that not only withstands, but embraces and harnesses the forces of today’s volatile and competitive global marketplace.


Any person or group that ever achieved anything of significance first had to overcome adversity. Adversity can come from all directions: personal or professional, physical or mental, worldly or spiritual. It doesn’t matter if you are an hourly employee or a leader of a Fortune 500 company, one day you will face circumstances that are so overwhelming you will want to give up and admit defeat. But don’t give up. At You Inc. Eric Sims’ Overcoming Adversity keynote speeches are from authentic experiences regarding suffered setbacks, endured defeats,  physical and mental challenges, but also how he found a way to not only overcome obstacles but to thrive while doing so. If you are looking for motivation or inspiration in your life or business, contact Eric Sims on Overcoming Adversity speaking.

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