Let’s start with the typical jargon here! As a native Texan I started my business life in sales and business development. My early career was a mix of corporate jobs and entrepreneurship. That assortment awarded me a wealth of experience in a variety of industries and businesses. Although I was intelligent and had a good upbringing, I was an alcoholic and drug addict, so my success was intermittent, and I would self-sabotage every time. I had every poor mental habit someone could learn. I could never string together long-term success due to my dependencies on chemicals.

When I moved from Texas to Tampa, Florida in 2006, I fell on my face once again, but I finally got some much-needed help in a drug treatment center. At age 33 I was physically, emotionally, spiritually and monetarily bankrupt. I was LESS THAN ZERO in almost every capacity. Once in recovery though, I started to learn new ways to think, work, live and succeed. More importantly I was able to sustain success using the skills I learned in 12 step programs, religion, psychology, and numerous self-help programs.

I became addicted to self-improvement!

At the same time, I landed in this wacky thing called the BPO business for work. Honestly, I never thought I would stay there, but what I found out very quickly was my eclectic background, knack for creativity and ability to implement solid solutions made me a perfect fit to succeed in this space. I worked for 2 mid-size BPOs for the better part of the last decade mastering my craft and leading the industry. Having a front row seat to corporate America allowed me to see the contrast in it and allowed me to test model all my coaching techniques, courses, ideas and methods out in a live environment for people of all walks of life.

I’ve always made myself the test model for all my work. If it works with me, it will work for anyone!

Over the years I’ve worked with executives and leaders who lead enormous national and international business efforts that involve product enhancement, customer experience enrichment, marketing, human capital development, technology integrations, corporate mergers, new business evolution, and endless revenue improvement projects. I absolutely love change, movement, creativity and solutions! I love people telling me things can’t be done or “that’s just the way we’ve always done it”. It’s the perfect scenario and mindset to help someone take the next step in their career, relationship, business, or awareness. I personally believe that opportunities and success are limitless if you are willing to put yourself out on the leading edge of what you love and hustle your ass off. There’s no problem we can’t solve!

Why do I know I can make an impact on your personal growth or business? Because I have successfully done this for others and myself. My knack for personal growth, communication, creativity and connection position me to uniquely assist others in becoming successful. My role now is to condense all my years of success and failure into bite size, actionable and repeatable formulas for others to quickly achieve their potential.

Live & Lead Exceptionally!

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