The John Chapman Show – Interview with Eric Sims

I love the day and age we live in! I really think it’s the most exciting time in history to be alive. We have access to so much information, entertainment, and technology. There’s nothing we can’t learn or experience if we want to. Podcasting is one of those amazing things. It gives everyone, all over the world, the ability to discuss real topics and connect with people and information they may have never come in contact with otherwise.

Recently I was fortunate enough to have a guest appearance on The John Chapman Show to have a real great discussion with John. The John Chapman Show is considered your source for all things personal finance and wealth management for high earning millennials. On the show, John and his guests explore topics like financial planning, investment management, tax and estate planning, and charitable giving. We’ll also explore how to deal with equity compensation such as stock options, RSUs, and ESPP. John Chapman, is a CFP® and Partner at WorthPointe, a boutique wealth management firm helping clients gain financial peace of mind.

What was great about this episode, and John for that matter, is his ability to understand what actually drives all the topics that he loves covering. Most financial planning experts are great at what they do, but they aren’t interested in the human component the way John is. As you will hear and see in this episode John has a real heart for the entire human experience. We discuss mental health, mental toughness, self-improvement, relationships and the struggles so many face in discovering their life calling that leads them to financial wealth and freedom.

Finances are involved with almost every aspect of our life, so it’s crucial in the personal development process that we address this area and look at it in a way that resonates which each of us on a cosmic and practical level.

So I ask you to check out John’s podcast show and subscribe! He’s a great guy with a great message that can really help you improve your life!

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