Life is an Adventure! Is yours?

Recently I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks up in the North Carolina mountains with my family.  I am the dad of 4 amazing kiddos (3 girls and 1 boy) who are all dynamically different, yet equivocally amazing. As we spent time hiking, fishing, playing, eating and just hanging out I had the chance to reflect quite a bit. My oldest was leaving for her freshman year in college upon our return home so this was our last trip before she moved away. As a side note dads, when your little girl moves it’s amazing and brutal all wrapped into one. But, that’s for another blog. 

One afternoon we venture up on a mountain on the North Carolina and Tennessee border. At the top was an amazing view where I had a moment alone to stand with my oldest child and just pause. I don’t know what the moment and view was for her, but it was life changing for me. Luckily my sister-in-law snapped a picture of it. That view was a perfect depiction of life. It was beautiful, with ups and downs, highs and lows, dark and light. It took me back to something my daughter and I both truly believe, and that is that life is an adventure. For each of us it’s our own personal exploration of the time and space we get while here. The sad truth is that far too many of us lose sight of that. I mean it’s easy to, right? It’s easy to clearly see all that beauty standing on a mountain top, but how do we maintain that mountain top perspective on Wednesday morning in rush hour traffic on our way to a meeting that we don’t want to attend? 

I came back home but that moment has been etched in my mind with a question. Is there a way we can maintain a mountaintop view perspective? 

When I look at people who are highly successful and happy I find that they have found a way to do that more often than not. The trick for many successful people has been their ability to find magnificence in the mundane and extract it in the moment. So, let’s take a look at a few ways for us to do that on the regular. 

Here are some tips for making your life a perpetual adventure…

1. Search for Hidden Treasure

Pull on your hiking boots, and realize this truth: If you search for the hidden treasures in your own life, you’ll discover wealth far beyond your wildest dreams.

  • Unearth forgotten skills.

We all tend to underestimate what skills we have and all that we can accomplish with them. 

For instance, have you ever arranged a neighborhood party or coordinated a group of people together to help a family in need? If so, you probably have forgotten skills in project management, delegation, communication, and event planning. What other forgotten skills could you uncover and use on your adventure? Many of our skills are buried in ‘buts’, ‘should-ofs’ or unawareness. 

  • Dig up those hidden talents.

You’ve no idea what you’re capable of until you do something. Say yes to things you might have previously said no to. Take a stab at a new musical hobby or join a social club. Hell, try a sport you always wanted to play.

I once took a volunteer job at a men’s drug treatment center to counsel guys who were coming off the street. I had no idea what I was doing but I had a passion to help and in doing so I discovered a wealth of talent that ended up leading me toward my career. Who knew that this previously undiscovered talent would lead me to write online courses and coaching programs?

  • Surface your buried blessings.

Undertake a voyage of gratitude. Discover that your “dull” life is actually filled with bright goodness; you just need to recognize them to transform your everyday. The act of becoming aware of all the good in your life stimulates gratitude and opens you up to see your true authentic adventure. What are 10 things that you are grateful for? Dig deep and you’ll find some really powerful stuff and have fun doing it. 

2. Unchain The Entrepreneur In You

Side Hustle Alert!!! You can become a realtime entrepreneur without having to leave your day job. It’s just a question of looking for opportunities. 

  • Run yourself as your own company.

Even if you’re employed, you can seize opportunities to go and grow. I will let you in on a little secret, you are the most exciting brand release in your market! In my course YOU INC. we dive into creating your own brand and how to leverage that in any environment with an entrepreneurial mindset. Remember you are the value add! You are the main product service and ingredient. Take time to gain clarity on where you want to be in five years, make a plan, and work toward it. Don’t leave it to others to choose your destiny. You are better than that. 

  • Stand up for yourself.

Rolling with our YOU INC. mindset you can become more selective with what you need to take on. What makes sense to you and what excites you? Here is a great idea! Rather than oppose change in your company, be the first to embrace it, and see where it can take you. When you ARE the solution in any moment and situation the sky is the limit but you first have to stand up for yourself. If you don’t believe in you who will? Maybe it’s time to change careers, jobs or projects because you’ve allowed life, family, money or something else dictate who you are. Today is the day to stand up! 

  • Put yourself out there.

Take the initiative and find ways to be more valuable. Once you start showing people the adventure you are on by solving problems that are important to you and that fall in your skill set, progress will chase you. Yeah, I said that, opportunity will chase you, but you have to be the one to initiate it. You don’t get called on unless you raise your hand! Whatever you put out there comes toward you. Write that down!

3. Challenge Your Beliefs

“Can you teach a man that which he thinks he already knows?” – Unknown 

You can become an everyday pioneer by stepping outside your comfort zone but staying totally inside your safety zone. It’s all about expanding your capacity! 

  • Be a knowledge seeker.

Challenge all your beliefs. Take the adventure into the great unknown space of possibility regularly. You can learn more by being open to the fact that you don’t know.  The adventure of learning never stops. Turn your boring evenings or weekends into an exciting quest for knowledge. You can learn anything from karate to accounting, often for free, with online universities and social channels.

  • Give your perspective a Tic-Tac.

Have a break from everything you normally read, watch, or listen to. Pick different genres, explore, and experiment. Turn an everyday couch-side veg-out into a fascinating, inspiring journey into new worlds. If you are a conservative read something liberal. If you are a sitcom watcher catch a great docuseries. If you normally get your news from Facebook, get a new paper. Freshen it up! 

  • Question all your limiting self-beliefs.

This is my favorite one! Limiting self-beliefs stop one from taking a risk and trying new things. They also minimize our everyday world. Overcoming these mental barriers is an adventure in itself that can absolutely transform your life. Most my clients are astonished at how many limiting beliefs they have. It’s time to take the adventure into infinite possibilities! 

4. Buy a ticket on the Love Boat

  • Turn off the Red Light.

Searching for love? Love is an adventure that happens to us when we position ourselves to allow it. It shows up looking nothing like we would expect. Stop trying to drive the cruise ship and enjoy the cruise. 

  • Never stop exploring.

Are you in long-term relationship? Far too often we get in these clearly define ruts or norms of our relationship. We allow our limited thinking to constrain our relationship and romance to the equivalent of a Ritz cracker. Sometimes you need to go get some fancy cheese for that cracker or some peanut butter. Who knows maybe dip that thing in chocolate. Get creative and have some freaking fun! 

  • Have an affair—with yourself.

I’ve said for a long time. If you can’t fall in love with yourself you can’t truly love anyone else. Go on a personal voyage of discovery to fall in love with yourself. Perform an act of self-love each day. Keep track of all the positive things you did and said, and all the people you helped. Begin to see what a wonderful human being you are. 

I started with a talk about my mountain top moment with my daughter and to be honest I think that’s where I’d like to stay. The truth is my girls have always been my mountain top experience. The keys to enjoying your adventure successfully are simplicity, patience, and compassion. Enjoy the ride and the view!

Live & Lead Exceptionally!