14 Reasons Why It Is So Important To Follow Your Dreams

“Follow your dreams!” people say, but it’s normally followed by a laundry list of reasons why you can’t, or shouldn’t. The old limited thinking thing. We have been conditioned to seek safety and accept the status quo of life. We even negatively stereotype people by calling them “Dreamers”. Labeling them with a title that’s meaning is really insinuates “LOSER”. Then we all look around and ask, why are so many people not chasing their vision, passion or dream? Why are so many people unaware of their passion, dream or vision?

Dream big! Just make sure it’s not too big and audacious because people will think you’re nuts. I mean how will you get insurance? Where will the money come from? How will you find clients?All the while insinuating that these things are impossible unless you follow the norm or jump in the herd. Most importantly they are projecting their own fear on to your dream. There is a reason it’s your dream. Because only you can see it. If someone else could see it, it would be their dream too.

So, screw all that limiting talk and thought! It’s all about figuring out who you are, what you want and going after it. It doesn’t mean you can just run off with no plan, but you can do whatever you want. We live in the most exciting time in history where anyone can have a voice, business, vision and success. Social Media and the internet have awarded us that privilege. It’s not easy but it’s possible.

So why follow your dreams? A dream, a vision, a goal, a desire, are all things most of us know we need when we are working towards success, but have somewhere along the line, forgotten why it is so important we follow them through.

I created a list of reasons why to chase my dreams and I wanted to share them.

The 14 Reasons Why It’s Important To Follow Your Dreams:

1. Giving is living! If you live your dreams then you will have something valuable to share with others. You will have hope, inspiration and purpose.

2. Chasing your dreams develops your courage. Courage is your fuel to achieve amazing success in life. In time you will be unstoppable.

3. There is a reason why as kids we loved to imagine things. Chasing your dreams will forget makes you feel alive, hopeful and young.

4. Dreams trump Drama! Drama becomes obsolete when you are passionate about following your dreams.

5. Your kids or family! Living out your dreams demonstrate to your offspring a passion for life and pushing the capacity of this world. They see you expand and expand the things around you. If you do it right you show them how your passion, dream, desire bettered the planet in some way.

6. Through accomplishing your dreams, you will come to give failure it’s ultimate meaning and significance. Failure is just part of success.

7. Your dream, more importantly chasing your dream will eliminate what I call the Regret Result. You’ll Only Regret The Things You Don’t Do And Never The Things You’ve Done!

8. Age means nothing when we know what we want. Age may very well be your biggest advantage because with it comes a plethora of experience.

9. The unknown space of going after your dreams may bring up a little fear, but fear just helps us focus and get hyper aware. It’s one of our tools not torture. .

10. It is fun proving the world wrong! Who the hell really wants to follow the status quo? Baaaaaaaaa Sheep, baaaaaaa.

11. The more you chase and accomplish your dreams the more the lines of the boundaries that the world puts in front of us fade, as we learn that any and everything is possible.

12. When you accomplish your dream, you get to be the first to see it happen. Hell, you saw it happen before it happened and you get to experience it first-hand!

13. Your dreams have no limits, you are the creator of your own destiny! , When you truly accept this and understand it you realized deeply that there are infinite possibilities for you.

14. Chasing your dreams proves to you that you are free from the herd and that you are truly your own person.

As my good friend Gary Hawks always told me…… D.G.U.! Don’t Give Up.

If you are in a space where you feel stuck or unclear on what you want and how to bring that into reality I would love to speak to you. Click the link here and set up a free consultation with me. I would love to help you discover, design and deliver your dream life in 3D reality.

Live and Lead Exceptionally!

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