Breathing Financially, Relationally, & Spiritually

Find, Catch and Keep Your Corporate, Financial, Relational, and Spiritual Breath!

Traditional cultures identified the breath with the life force that animates all things. For example, the Latin word spiritus (the root of both “spirited” and “spiritual”), the Greek word anima (from which we derive the word “animated”), the Hebrew word ruach, and the Sanskrit word brahman may sound quite different, but they have one thing in common — they all mean both breath and spirit or soul. When you follow your breath with awareness, you’re not only harmonizing your body and mind, which gives you a sense of inner harmony and wholeness, you’re also exploring the living frontier where body, mind, and spirit meet — and attuning yourself to a spiritual dimension of being. You are getting in touch with the inner you or bigger you.

First, I wanted to share a few very basic ways to find and keep your breathe. Stay with me here, I will circle back to why this is relevant to everything.

Here are six easy steps:

  1. Being Aware

Start by being aware of your natural breath. Observe your breathing: is it short and shallow, or long and deep?

  1. Inhale Through Your Nose

Fill your abdomen and notice how it expands like a balloon.  Once your belly is full, allow the breath to expand into your rib cage, widening the gap between your ribs.

  1. Exhale Top Down 

As you exhale, release the air from top to bottom, from your rib cage down to your abdomen.

  1. Focus on Temperature

Notice the coolness of the inhalation, and warmness of the exhalation.

  1. Even Breaths

Focus on taking even inhalations and exhalations.

  1. Use Your Nose

Try nose breathing. This simple breathing simultaneously builds energy and aids in relaxation. To use nose breathing you both inhale and exhale through the nose. The key is to constrict the back of your throat as you exhale. Also known as ocean breathing, when done properly, your breath should sound like the waves of an ocean.

You might be thinking “Ok Eric, but how is this helpful with my money issues, marital problems, career growth or mental blocks?” Great question!

It occurred to me recently after a time of meditation and focusing on my breathing that all of my life, each area, has it’s own breath to find, catch and keep. What I’m referring to is much like the ocean tide. The tide comes in and it goes out. Sometimes is fast, sometimes it’s slow. Sometimes is rough, sometimes is smooth. I think you can see where I am going.

What I became aware of was that my company, finances, relationships and spiritual growth were much like my personal breathing. Sometimes they are coming in, sometimes they are going out. Sometimes they are slamming into the shore quickly and sometimes there are great distances between waves. It would be equivocal to running, walking and resting. Sometimes my relationships are a sprint, sometimes, they are a jog, sometimes they are coming and sometimes they are going. All of it is good when I become aware of it and allow it to be what it is.

Here is the rub! Many of us panic when we see relationships, money, jobs, etc going out like the tide or like an exhale. Something in us believes that it won’t return or wash back up again. What we fail to be aware of, and allow is that those areas, just like our breath, will have another inhale again. Think about this for a sec. You don’t panic every time you exhale your breath, do you? Do you start stressing that it will be your last breath ever or do you worry that your next breath will be different than your last breath? The last time you were are the beach did you start crying and beating yourself up when the waves washed back out under your feet? Hell no, you didn’t. Why? Because you knew that you would inhale again or that the water would wash back up under your feet momentarily. You allowed your body to breathe in and breathe out reaping the benefits of that breath, and when you are in tune with that breath, it’s even more beneficial right?

All I am saying is that we need to spend time becoming aware of our breath in many areas of our life and accept that breath, love that breath, trust that breath and enjoy the ins and the outs, as wonderful. I think that when we are really in touch with that in multiple areas of our life we will allow ourselves to experience all the benefits, rewards and success that come with that area of our life. Just focus on the disciple of your breathing so you can find, catch and keep your universal breath.

Live Exceptionally,

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