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I'm Eric Sims, and I want to personally work one-on-one with you and/or your team to help increase the amount of time you spend experiencing your Premier Performance state in life and business!

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I'm an executive coach & advisor, personal development expert, corporate engagement specialist and thought leader with 20+ experience in the personal development industry assisting hundreds of people achieve success. I coach corporate leaders and train their teams in the skills they need to perform at their best. My coaching background is a blend of practices that come from my personal background in life recovery, productivity performance, corporate improvement and relationship enrichment. I am heavy handed on the power of mindset and authentic communication because I understand them to be the cornerstones of all growth and success. I personally believe that opportunities and success are limitless if you are willing to put yourself out on the leading edge of what you love and hustle your ass off. It’s time ‘Live Exceptionally’!
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  • Eric Sims has been one of the most important “forces” in the transformation of my life. He can hear you fully in a way that few humans can; and give you the feedback and tools you need to succeed in any struggle. His dedication and care is undeniable. The coaching I have received from him has helped me hone in on my mental and emotional intelligence in a way I never thought possible. These days I feel more focused and driven than I have ever been and I know it is because of his teachings/guidance. Thank you Coach Sims!

    Cynthia Flores Self-Awareness & Relationship Coaching
  • I have used Eric's life coach services for over 4 years now. Eric's ability to advise through all aspects of this life, both professional and personal, is unmatched. He possesses an even temperament and is able to articulate advice in simple, practical and realistic terms. Eric has a knack for recognizing and acknowledging the aspects of spiritual, physical and relational health as well. He is then able to give sound coaching and mentorship on all of these vital areas of life. My fullest recommendation for anyone inquiring about his services for professional and personal growth.

    Gregory Silvestro Business & Life Coaching
  • When I found Eric, I was searching for someone or something that could help me put me in a place of personal power in my relationships and business. I was tired of the self help and hearing ways in which the relationships in my life and my business could change if I acted in a certain ways, focused on others or unraveled all of other people’s interests, issues and lives. That approach leaves you helpless. Working with Eric has finally helped me start to build something that isn’t dependent on anyone but me. He has helped me reach deep on a personal level to always be in a position of choice, peace and motivation. We were then able to take that personal power and tie together all of my strengths and incorporate them into building a stronger brand for my business. He will certainly challenge you, encourage you and help you build something that no one can take away. Whether you want to strengthen what you already have, don’t know where to start or are somewhere in the middle, it is so worth the investment.

    Jaimee P. Personal Growth Coaching & Entrepreneurial Consulting
  • When I was referred to Eric I was facing the biggest transition of my life. I was miserable with my job and didn’t know what to do. It was negatively impacting my health and marriage. I felt extremely stuck and helpless to make any moves. In speaking with Eric, I felt an immediate connection and his ability to listen and ask provoking questions really engaged me in the process early. Through Eric’s self-awareness coaching I gained a strong understanding of who I am, my personal desires, my core needs, talents and skills. He was able to help me parlay all that into a huge life and career change decision that I knew was right for me. Today I am happier, healthier and following my passion in a way I’ve never experienced before. The self-awareness and skills I learn while working with Eric each week continue to fuel my growth and success.

    Kyle Williams Self Awareness, Life & Career Change Coaching
  • We found Eric through some mutual business partners who gave us raving reviews. Our organization was stuck. We were losing good people in leadership and couldn’t figure out why. In speaking with Eric, we knew his fresh perspective, creativity and understanding of the corporate dynamic would make an impact. He quickly assessed our team, created a solution process and implemented several workshops for us. The workshops on communication, leadership, and self-awareness have become the foundational components for successful leaders in our organization today. We highly recommend Eric Sims for any team interventions, workshops, executive coaching or consulting.

    Jon J. CEO YeahVoice Corporate Training and Consulting
  • Every year we have our event we look for fantastic new ideas and practices in business and the people who create them. We screen through hundreds of entries to find the most impactful and creative ones. This year was no different. We had an organization submit one of Eric’s corporate recruiting solutions and it immediately jumped out to us. We reached out to Eric to see if he would be willing to come speak and present at the annual SOCAP convention. He quickly cleared some time for us, and accepted the invitation. His ability to communicate, motivate, engage the audience and deliver tangible solutions was second to none. The feedback from our group was some of the highest we have ever seen. We would highly recommend Eric Sims for any public speaking or keynote opportunities you may have.

    Bethany S. SOCAP National Event Director Public Speaking & Keynote